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Fi-Shock GHPO-FS Electric Fence Gate Handles GROUND CLAMP HEAVY DUTY 10/CS Fi-Shock AWPA-FS Electric Fence Gate Handle Anchors
Molded of tough, high quality plastic with shockproof thickness for safe handling protection. For a secure connection between ground wire and ground rod. Heavy duty construction. Made of aluminum; will not rust. For use with 5/8" and larger ground rods. 1 clamp per pack. Anchoring gate handles. This insulated anchor is to be used in conjunction with the gate handle. The screw-in design type is for wood gate posts.
Fi-Shock GHRY-FS Electric Fence Gate Handles Zareba HTTT/300-309 Electric Fence Wire Bending Tool Fi-Shock ATPA-FS Electric Fence Gate Handle Anchors
Use with fence wire and polyrope. Insulates against shock. Used to wrap MG spacer clips No.400-430T to wire while securing poly spacer posts No.200-260. Also used for twisting 12.5, 11 and 9-gauge wire. For anchoring gate handles. This insulated anchor is to be used in conjunction with the fence gate handle. The screw-in design is for T-post gate posts.
Zareba WS3 Warning Sign Zareba A1LVT-Z Electric Fence Tester Fi-Shock A-12T Warning Sign
Black letters on a yellow polypropylene background. Two holes for fastening to fence wire or nailing to wood post. 3 signs. "Warning! Electric Fence" printed in English, French and Spanish languages. Checks current in electric fence with a one-light application. Has a plastic case with 42'' of plastic coated cord. Two holes in top for fastening to fence wire, or for nailing to wood post. Weighs 0.04 pounds each.
Fi-Shock GHHDB-FS Electric Fence Gate Handles Zareba ILS1/400-400CC Electric Fence Strainer Fi-Shock ACOS-FS Cutout Switch
Insulating grip is soft and flexible with safety flanges for extra shock protection. Unique fastening plate ensures a secure wire connection. Will not break, crack, or chip. Steel components are plated to resist rust. Used to tighten high-tensile wire. Under compression, it automatically feeds into cog reel. Switch off selected electric wires on a fence, such as the lowest live wire when the grass is high, to prevent interference with the fence.
Fishock HTPSCLIP/400-430T Multi Groove Spacer Clip Fishock HTBP5/400-402T High Tensile Extension Brace Pin Zareba HTBP10/400-403T High-Tensile Brace Pins
Galvanized clip for poly and wood spacers. Use with 3-hole twisting tool No.300.309 (SKU 573-8687) to attach spacer tightly to high tensile wire. Used with 6" x 8' posts in each single or double brace assembly. Made of 3/8" carbon steel rods and galvanized. Has same features as 5" pin but is used with 5" x 8' post in single brace and one each with 5" x 8' post and 4" x 8' post in double brace assembly. Made of 3/8" carbon steel rods and galvanized.
SWITCH CUTOUT 6 PER CARTON    Fi-Shock 300-305 Electric Fence Strainer Handle Fi-Shock 301-404 Time Delay Fuse
Switches off selected electric wires on an electric fence. Handle protects contacts. All stainless steel hardware. Made of hot rolled flat steel formed to fit the in-line strainer No.400-399. Durable paint finish to prevent rust. 1/16 amp fuse used in model Nos.EAC5A-FS, SS-750RPX and EAC10M-FS (SS-550X).
Fishock HTWT/500-560T Electric Tap Fi-Shock 200-260 Multi-Groove Poly Spacer Parker Mccrory 719 Rod Post Clips
Used to secure, by crimping, hot wire connections to existing wires. Also for use under gate electric transfer. Fits 12-1/2 to 16 gauge wire. Made of high-density polyethylene, UV stabilized, notched every inch. Attach to wire with spacer clip. 49" long. Stainless steel spring clip for 3/8" and 1/2" fiberglass rod posts. Will not rust or corrode. Safely and securely attach electrified wire or poly wire to fiberglass or rod posts. Bag of 20 clips.
Zareba HTTS/400-401 Electric Fence Tension Spring Zareba YWPGK10 Red SnapR Electric Fence Gate Kits Zareba A5LVT-Z 8-Light Fence Voltage Tester
Used to indicate tension of wire. One inch of compression equals 150 pounds of pull. Use one in conjunction with in-line strainer for each leg of fence. Electroplated to deter rust. Kit contains one No.YPG10 plastic gate handle, and two completely assembled No.YPGI10 wood post gate insulators with nails. Simple to operate. Specifies the output of a fencer or the voltage on an existing fence line. Used to determine if a fencer or fence line is providing adequate voltage to control livestock. The tester will read and indicate five different voltage levels, ranging from 600 to 5,500 volts, with a series of neon lights. Designed to use on either standard duty or low impedance fence controllers.
Fi-Shock ALA-FS Lightning Arrestor Kit Fi-Shock GHKS16-FS Electric Fence Gate Kits Fi-Shock 301-569R Replacement Electric Fence Battery
Helps protect fence energizer from damage caused by lightning. Helps keep electric fence gates taut. Makes gate sturdy enough to keep your animals in and unwanted animals out. Spring is highly visible and expands to 16'. Electrified when closed, neutral when open. Set includes: galvanized spring, rubber gate handle, 2 pin-lock insulators, 1 ground connector, 1 hook assembly and easy installation instructions. Replacement battery for the ESP2M-FS energizer. With quick-disconnect terminals no soldering is required to replace these components.
Fi-Shock 301-402 Fence Controller Fuse Fi-Shock HTSJ/300-303T High-Tensile Pay-Out Spinning Jenny Zareba DEFT-Z/DEFT-1 Digital Electric Fence Tester
One amp fuse used in the majority of electric fence chargers requiring fuses. Allows easy payout for coiled wire. Includes built-in brake to prevent wire from uncoiling. Used for measuring fence line and fence charger voltage. Combines digital accuracy with ease and convenience. Simple, one-touch operation. Measures voltage on any metal wire, poly wire/rope or poly tape. Rugged, easy-to-carry, pocket-sized case made of heavy duty ABS plastic. Digital accuracy from 500 to 9,900 volts. Large, easy-to-read LCD display. 9 volt battery operation (battery included). Automatic on/off to prolong battery life.
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